Laser Facial Toning / Pigmentation Treatment

Pigmentation can be a result of internal changes as well as the external environment. The overall appearance can become compromised if the skin is not adequately cared for. UV rays from the sun, the most important external factor for pigmentation, must be addressed. They initiate the free radical mechanism, and this, in turn, leads to early signs of aging with pigmentation. Initially, it starts with tanning which further progresses to persistent pigmented darkening.

Q switched Nd YAG Laser is the gold standard treatment to treat both superficial and deeper pigmentation. Uneven skin tone, patchy pigmented spots, melasma, freckling, lentigens, genetic pigmentation, and pigmentary demarcation lines are a few of the concerns where Laser toning plays an absolute important role. The Laser targets the core reason for the pigmentation, that is the melanocyte. The melanin absorbs the invisible beam of energy from the Laser, and it leads to a reduction in pigmentation, providing an even skin tone.