Skin Boosters

Facial dullness is due to excessive dryness of the skin. The skin tone and texture varies and due to this, there is an uneven surface. A novel technique is now present to eliminate dryness from the core. Something which has a moisturizing effect, but from within. Skin Booster Filler Injections are the go to treatment option for all the above concerns.  

Skin Booster helps with deep-skin hydration, improves skin elasticity, tone and texture, stimulates collagen production and helps restore skin’s natural luminosity. Skin Booster is the perfect treatment to nourish, deeply hydrate and repair aging skin. 

Uses of Skin Boosters:

Facial Rejuvenation
 Skin Tone and Texture difference
Dry skin
Lip dryness / discoloration
Neck Rejuvenation
Hands and Feet Rejuvenation

What is Skin Booster?

Skin Booster is a treatment comprising of micro injections of Hyaluronic acid filler material within the skin rather than underneath the skin layers like typical Dermal fillers. Skin booster contains light chained hyaluronic acid along with certain vitamins and minerals which has an intrinsic property to attract water molecules without causing mass effect.