Lip Lightening Treatment

Lip Pigmentation can be a result of various causes. It can be due to constitutional pigmentation, pigment deposition, smoking, excess charges due to UV rays of sunlight, and vitamin deficiencies. Nonetheless, very few options are present to provide gratifying results for lip pigmentation.

Q switched Nd YAG laser technology is considered as the gold standard method to eliminate pigmentation. It targets the melanin deposits in the lip area. Multiple sessions will be required to obtain satisfactory results.

Chemical peels are another type of treatment modality. It helps in exfoliating the upper layer of the lip leading to microscopic changes and rejuvenation, ultimately lightening the lips.

Lip Filler injection can change the lip pigmentation especially caused due to dryness and wrinkling of the lips. Those fine lines on the lips can be addressed with Lip Fillers, and also augmentation of the lips can be combined with the same procedure.

Assessment of the condition and appropriate method has to be used to get results. Sometimes combination treatment will be required to tackle Lip Pigmentation.