Non-Surgical Thread lift

It is natural to lose skin tone and become saggy, especially on the face as age progresses and this may affect your outlook directly. Now say no to saggy skin.

Facial Sculpting
 Facial Lifting and Tightening
 Jaw Line enhancement and shaping
 Neck Tightening
 Eliminate lines and wrinkles
 Non-surgical breast lift
 Non Surgical arm, abdomen, thigh, gluteal, genital tightening and lifting

Why Thread lift?

Thread lifts help in Lifting, Contouring, Volumizing, Jawline enhancement and shaping, Tightening of the face and Collagen stimulation. It is one of the premium Age Reversing Procedures.

What is the Procedure?

Thread lift procedure is an advanced, non-surgical, safe and effective anti-ageing technique in which we use medical-grade bioabsorbable material to give a pull to the face by tightening the thread and stimulating collagen non surgically. These Threads when placed in the right areas, not only give a pull to the folds and saggy skin but also stimulate collagen production. There is remodelling of existing collagen fibres and regeneration of new collagen fibres which will give an absolute younger-looking, natural and long-lasting result. You can now defy ageing with a Non-surgical Thread lift procedure. We use Cog threads which have an anchoring effect underneath the skin and are responsible for the pulling effect, whereas Mono threads provide a meshwork of collagen and help in volumizing and tightening the area providing a chiselled look.