Vampire Facial

The famous Vampire Facial is Platelet Rich Plasma therapy with a Micro-needling procedure. Platelet-rich plasma, more famously known as PRP, has revolutionized the wound healing process in the world. This PRP is infused into the skin to rejuvenate the skin cells from within. Plasma is one of the major three components of our blood, which has a variety of growth factors and hence is used in rejuvenation.

Why Vampire Facial?

Vampire Facial is beneficial in increasing collagen production, eliminating Acne Scars, Reduce Fine lines and Wrinkles, achieving Tighter and Firmer skin, increasing the skin’s ability to retain moisture, and enhancing skin tone and texture.

If you desire Smoothening and Brightening of your skin, Deep Exfoliation of your skin, Reduction in the Acne Scars, Lifting and Tightening of your skin, Reduce Ageing changes, Facial Rejuvenation, Neck Rejuvenation, Hand and Feet Rejuvenation, then Vampire Facial is your go-to procedure.

What is the Procedure?

The micro-needling creates a portal of entry to this above-mentioned PRP. It also initiates the additional benefit of skin resurfacing by boosting collagen remodelling. This micro-needling can be done by using various technologies like Derma rollers, Derma pen, Mesogun, and MNRF Technology.